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 Accidental Death & Permanent Disability Benefit Contract




There are supplementary contracts issued to policy holders other than those employed in the Army, the Navy and the Air Force and other persons exposed to extraordinary occupational hazards. The contracts are issued in combination with whole life or endowment assurance policy of not less than Rs.10,000/-. They provide for payment of an additional amount not exceeding the sum assured in the case of death of the insured due to an accident as well as in the vent of the insured losing the use of one or two of life limbs or eyes due to an accident. The maximum additional benefit is limited to Rs.500,000/- and the supplementary contract cases to be effective after the insured has attained the age of 55 years. An extra premium of Rs.3/- per annum to cover accidental death and Rs.6/- per thousand per annum to cover accidental death and permanent disability is required to be paid annually by the insured. No benefit accrues does not arise. A supplementary contract ceases to be operative if the policy in combination with which it is issued lapses for any reason. This contract is revised every year.