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 Group Insurance




  • Postal Life Insurance provides group insurance coverage to the employees of Govt., public & private organizations. We provide life insurance cover to each member of a group round the clock. In the event of death of any member during the currency of the contract, we are committed to pay the sum assured promptly to his nominated beneficiary. The cover extends to death resulting from any cause so long as the individual remains in the group. It does not affect any provident fund or retirement benefits to which an employee may otherwise be entitled.

  • Postal Life Insurance has furthermore introduced "Passengers Insurance Scheme" for passengers traveling by Road, Rail and Air. PLI is providing this facility in northern areas through Mashabrum Tours & other transport companies of Gilgit/Skardu. It is proposed to further expand this facility to cover more and more areas of the country. Reputable transport companies are invited to join this scheme.

  • If you are an administrator of any Govt., Public/Private sector or any industrial organization it is your responsibility to provide group insurance coverage to the members of your organization for the betterment of their lives and to secure their future. PLI is the best insurer for this purpose.